Registration Design and Installation

The Solar Hero application is responsible for promoting the installation of solar power systems for homes and buildings. So that interested parties have a channel to choose the service Create convenience And confidence with the PEA-certified installation standards as well as allowing service providers to effectively reach customers.

In this regard, the applicant for the certification of the design and installation of a solar power generation system installed on the roof Should check the certification guidelines Before proceeding to register the service provider


Registration Design and Installation

  • step 1

    Step 1

    Check the design and installation certification guidelines.

  • step 2

    Step 2

    Fill out and attach the relevant documents.

  • step 3

    Step 3

    PEA check registration information

  • step 4

    Step 4

    PEA Announcement of Qualifiers / Notification of Results for Failure of Qualifications



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